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For a company known for performance upgrades, this is a new era for the Melbourne-based performance tuning arm of Holden. Holden Special Vehicles has been tweaking and tuning Holdens since the first Walkinshaw Commodore in 1988, and for 30 years it has always managed to squeak a little more from the donor car, often drawing from its American stable of performance engines.


But now, with the demise of the Commodore sedan and ute, and no high-powered American equivalent, HSV arrived at somewhat of a dead end of extreme performance. That’s not saying the Colorado is slow, at least in relative terms, given its 2.8-litre 500Nm turbo diesel makes it the fastest four/five-cylinder dual cab utes on sale. But at 0-100km/h in 10.2 seconds, it’s not even close to the five-second times offered by the Maloo. The reality for HSV was that it had nowhere to go, power wise, as it just wasn’t cost-effective for HSV to develop engine mods, or replace the engine altogether (a la the low volume 420kW LSA supercharged V8 Colorado featured in LCV Sept/Oct)...


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